Thu Nguyen

UX/UI Design | | 084 214 9740

Welcome to my personal projects (2015-2017).
I believe that everything starts and ends with our users. Good products have empathy.

I spent quite some time figuring out what I wanted to do as a designer. I had always enjoyed various disciplines, but there was a question: Would the things I make ever truly matter to people’s life? That was when I started learning about product design, because at the heart of every product is a solution a human problem. It is something people interact with on a daily basis, it gets to be involved with them in an intimate way, so through it you may help their life be a bit simpler, easier, a bit more livable, a bit more joyful. That is beauty, and that is the meaning I will devote my life to.

I am familiar with Sketch, Photoshop, Iluustrator, and After Effects. Research, personas, information architecture, wireframes are all my favorite parts to do and learn more about. And coding in HTML and CSS is a good way for me to get used to structure and organization, all necessary to a good user experience.